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Speak French with ease!

Do you want to speak French with natives, feel understood by them and become confident?
Are you frustrated of your pronunciation and your lack of vocabulary when you wish to engage with French-speaking prospects?
You can overcome this, with my help!

What if you could express correctly, with the right words, and make them feel happy to use their mother language with you?
Let me tell you it is possible!

Your commitment to learn and practice French will lead you to great results, and more meaningful, to deep connections and to joy!

French is my native language for more than 40 years and is my great passion! I love languages and last year I became a certified Trainer to better serve you! I love to write poetry! (« O Captain! My Captain! ») 

You will benefit from my expertise, my time and my passion for this pilot-program of 12 weeks. Whatever your level might be, you will improve your pronunciation, your vocabulary and your sentences when you speak with people in French. 

Places are limited to 8 people:
I want to fully commit to your success and tailor your experience based on your specific needs and on your actual level.


How it works? 

During these 12 weeks (+ 3 bonus), we will meet once a week for 45min with a tailored lesson and practice.
This is a pilot program and my aim is to custom your experience. 

I will also prepare exercises assignments for your next session – 15min to 45min of your time.
You can avoid them but I feel it’s key to your success!


You got this bonus! 

  • I offer you optionally to record our sessions, for later view, so you can listen again how you could pronunce words.
  • I reply  to your emails with any of your questions – *three emails max per week, replied within 24h.
  • You will receive a document with what we covered during our sessions, your improvement keys, and extra details.
  • You will access a facebook / linkedin group where you will connect with my tribe. During the next six months you could access monthly group zoom sessions.


What is the cost? 

For 12 individual sessions of 45min I usually charge $480.

It is a pilot program and for you I decide to make an effort to craft this for a 12-weeks program, with 3 bonus weeks
For the astounding price of $297! for 15 full sessions with recordings, email support, documents and assignments!

What is the cost of your success?
What if you could impress your clients and gain more income, just with the right word and the right pronunciation?

I am here to serve you: let’s have a chat to see if this program is for you!
Remember, the places are limited and I’m not willing to do it until next year. How long could you afford to delay your low French situation?