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Around a coffee or through any online platform, I offer you my time and energy for letting you progress in French. According to your needs, we forward together to improve your speech pronunciation, your text writing. My aim is to let you improve your French to convince your clients and public audience.

Vocabulary, spell checking and the words that you express are making a difference if you care, in extension to your clothing and positive attitude.
You will gain confidence and ease. I focus to provide you the best and safest experience. Your mistakes are opportunities to become your best self.


You have a document, an article, a long report or thesis that you write in French and as it could be riddled with errors, you want to double check.
You are aware that your prospects, customers, stakeholders, anyone in fact, could make their opinion and decisions based on the quality of the content you describe, your products, your expertise, and also the correctness of your writing.

I find myself sometimes discarding any mail, any text or an ad just because there are few errors on it. Don’t worry, as my English is not my native language, I make also some mistakes, it’s human. As my intention is to improve English, so I can also let you improve your French.

Yes we can find great support with tools like Word, or any online spell-checker, however I know they are not 100% accurate: they might miss some errors. I can say also this is not only about spelling, also accuracy of your whole sentence. Does it contain the correct words? Are there other ways to express them to enrich your text, make it more precise or powerful?

Sometimes, when I am flittering within an English text, I feel in awe when I discover new unknown words. So when I read them again in other texts, that makes a good impression as I see it. Some professions use also specific terms according to their fields: I can help you to find them.


You have a text in English (or Italian, Dutch) and would like to translate it in French, let me help you. There are of course many online translation solutions, as stated above, they are not yet 100% accurate and depending on your sentence, it might not use the right words. Far in the past, Google Translate was said to be the worst translator, since it has improved, but I still see some flaws.

For the same reasons as for text-check, having a well-translated text is crucial to not lose credit when you have to convince your readers, whoever they are prospects, clients, partners or stakeholders. With my time and energy, you can impress them so they will ask to collaborate with you.